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Norwegian Infrastructure for Drone-based research, mapping and monitoring in the coastal zone

SeaBee will be structured into seven work packages that will secure an efficient establishment, running and operation of the infrastructure during both the first five years (Establishment Phase) and the following five years (Operational Phase) and beyond.

Drone Infrastructure Specification & Establishment

User requirements will be specified, drone and sensor infrastructure will be designed, hardware and software will be purchased, and physical space will be allocated and organized. Two physical nodes are planned at NIVA in Oslo and NTNU in Trondheim, where the required space is guaranteed by the two institutions.

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Establishing Operational Nodes & Drone Operations

Facilitating up-to-date training of drone pilots, secure registration, and legislation, producing safe operation protocols and emergency manual procedures. This Work Package will ensure calibration and testing of drones and sensors, as well as manage maintenance to secure operation-ready equipment at all times.

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Data Analysis

Performing image analysis and implementing a data workflow structure by building pipelines, as well as implement and evaluate data analysis. As such, this Work Package is the core of the SeaBee product generation engine. Accommodating automated image analysis in a plug-and-play manner, advanced and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, and facilitating future improvements and developments within image and object analysis for identification of environmental and pollution relevant variables, responding to upcoming technologies​.

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Data Storage & Sharing

Data management platform that includes design, establishment and implementation of cloud-based data storage solutions and cutting-edge web-based data sharing applications running on GIS-based visualizations tools. The Work Package will take responsibilities for up-to-date data management and ensure that SeaBee responds to national regulations and recommendations on data policy (RCN 2017).

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Drone Data Product Validation

Drone data product validation package that, by collecting data on the ground using traditional benchmark methods, will enable validated drone products and further improve automated product generation. This Work Package is essential during the infrastructure Establishment Phase to ensure high quality imaging products, but will become less central towards the beginning of the Operational Phase for the included applications​.

Communication Outreach & Branding

Outreach, communication and branding of the SeaBee infrastructure as well as dissemination of SeaBee results and innovations. The work package will involve efficient end-user communication, raising awareness and cultivation of working relationships with stakeholders including educational and research institutions, governments, consulting companies, industries, NGO’s and the general public.

SeaBee Infrastructure Management

SeaBee infrastructure coordination and risk management.​

Improvement of our understanding and management of:

The primary outcome of SeaBee will be the improvement of our understanding and management of Norway’s coastal habitats, animal populations, water quality, and plastic distribution – all of which are projected to be impacted by climate change and continued development and exploitation.

SeaBee will inform and assist national/regional policymakers and managers in fulfilling their obligations towards sustainable development and integrated management of coastal regions, and towards international conventions such as the EU Water Framework Directive and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Through cooperation with drone and sensor-related companies, SeaBee will foster industry innovation and growth. SeaBee will also promote education and provide research opportunities for students through collaborations and joint activities with high schools, universities, and research institutes.

SeaBee will place Norway as a pioneer for coastal drone operations internationally.


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