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WP6: Communication Outreach & Branding

Work Package Description

  • Work Package 6 is focused on outreach, communication and branding of the SeaBee infrastructure as well as dissemination of SeaBee results and innovations. The work package will involve efficient end-user communication, raising awareness and cultivation of working relationships with stakeholders including educational and research institutions, governments, consulting companies, industries, NGO’s and the general public.
  • Design & Methods: Work Package 6 will deploy online and traditional mechanisms to raise awareness of the SeaBee brand, profile, and outputs as well as to communicate the ongoing tools development within the project. Since the project involves a strong multi-disciplinary consortium, a collaborative communications approach will be utilized to tap into already existing outreach avenues targeting key stakeholders. Branding guidelines will be developed at the outset to ensure that a single vision is projected from the consortium. Local Norwegian stakeholder engagement is key to the success of the project including the involvement of students at different levels taking advantage of existing partnerships, e.g. Andøya high school, The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) and NTNU. The objective is to engage with national target groups, as well as international communities to ensure sustainability of the project and its impact. Efforts will be made to ensure that all outreach/branding material are available in English and Norwegian. The strategy will be designed to:
    • raise awareness,
    • create knowledge, and
    • inspire actions


GRID-Arendal is a non-profit environmental communications centre based in Norway. We transform environmental data into innovative, science-based information products and provide capacity-building services, with the aim of strengthening management capacity and motivating decision-makers to make positive change. We collaborate with the UN Environment Programme and our other partners around the world.


Lorna Little, GRID-Arendal. Lorna has been working at GRID-Arendal since 2021. She’s the Work Package 6 lead and is responsible for the communication and outreach products of the SeaBee project. Lorna is a highly skilled communicator, using creative and interactive ways to share scientific information with audiences around the world.