NIVA bruker droner for å kartlegge og overvåke strandsonen (The Plastic Drone project)

DRONEBASERT MILJØOVERVÅKNING: I fremtiden kan dagens manuelle undersøkelser i strandsonen og på grunt vann med gummistøvler og dykkerdrakt i stor grad bli byttet ut med høyteknologiske droneundersøkelser. Ved hjelp av hypermoderne og lyssensitive kameraer festet til dronene, kartlegger NIVA blant annet ålegress, tareskog, tangbelter, sand og muddermiljøer, samt invaderende stillehavsøsters. I tillegg utforsker vi i NIVA mulighetene for å bruke droner for automatisk identifikasjon og kvantifisering av marint avfall og plast. I denne filmen viser NIVA-forskerne hvordan vi ved hjelp av både fastvinge- og rotordrone, kan kartlegge store områder på kort tid. Når dronene flyr i et helt bestemt, forhåndsprogrammert mønster (omtrent som en robotgressklipper), lages det er slags fingeravtrykk av landskapet, både over og under vann i strandsonen. På denne måten får forskerne et nøyaktig bilde av utviklingen i strandsonen – istedenfor punktvise observasjoner som må tolkes videre, slik som hverdagen er i dag.

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Video Introducing Seabee is Live

What if we could map and monitor changes along one of the world’s longest coastlines? Introducing the SeaBee project! Produced by GRID-Arendal’s Olivia Rempel, this short video introduces the project and its main goals: establishing an infrastructure for coastal drone research.

Here you can download a special version made exclusively for social media. (Square format) (Vertical Phone format)

Droning on about UAVs & Innovative applications

January 18th, 2021 15:00 – 16:00

Many thanks to Carluvy Baptista-Salazar Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University who kindly mentioned Seabee during the seminar.

View the full seminar below:

Unmanned aerial vehicles ( a k a drones, allow researchers to investigate new and challenging problems that are otherwise difficult or impossible to address by conventional means The use of integrated systems (e g UAVs LiDAR) and advanced technology ensures highly accurate data collection, provides quality deliverables, and exceptional performance in diverse environments and conditions Applications of UAVs include Forestry and Natural Resources Management, Environmental monitoring and sampling, Arctic research, Meteorological research, Mapping and more The sky is the limit, and even the bottom of the sea when talking about underwater drones! Join us for an introduction to UAVs and hear about some of the new and exciting applications of this rapidly growing technology.

Collaboration with REV Ocean

Partnering with SeaBee’s project lead NIVA, REV Ocean’s vessel will enable NIVA to map new horizons and analyse changes in blue carbon habitats and resources, ecosystem structure, functioning, and changes in an era of anthropogenic pressure.

«The development and use of new, advanced platforms for data collection and analysis, will provide great opportunities for both research and data sharing. Combining this with the facilities offered through REV Ocean, NIVA is looking forward to exciting, cooperative research projects for the future,” says Tor-Petter Johnsen, NIVA Managing Director.

Using the REV Ocean’s vessel as a platform for drone mapping, monitoring and research will open new doors for a healthy ocean and a safer future. We’re looking forward to working together!

REV Ocean is a not-for-profit company created with one overarching purpose and ambition: To make the ocean healthy againAny profit generated from our projects will be reinvested into our work for a healthier ocean. The company was established July 20th, 2017 and funded by Norwegian business-man Kjell Inge Røkke.

SeaBee Drone Giveaway Extended

Recreate the SeaBee logo or name in the Great Norwegian Outdoors, take pictures and post them on Twitter, tagging @SeaBeeNorway #SeaBeeGiveAway for the chance of winning your very own “sea bee” drone.

About the giveaway

Rediscover Norway’s nature this summer! To kick off the SeaBee project, we’re giving away a DJI Mavic Mini drone to one lucky winner.

Recreate the SeaBee logo or name in the Great Norwegian Outdoors, take pictures and post them on Twitter, tagging @SeaBeeNorway #SeaBeeGiveAway for the chance of winning your very own “sea bee” drone.

See T&C below

Terms & Conditions:

No purchase necessary, open to Norwegian residents only. You must provide SeaBee with a valid Norwegian address if declared a winner. Prize is a DJI Mavic Mini 2. Employees of SeaBee, sponsors, and immediate family members are not eligible to participate. Both individuals and groups are welcome to participate. By posting and tagging @SeaBeeNorway #SeaBeeGiveAway you consent to the use and sharing of your image on SeaBee’s website, social media, and other materials. All images will be cited and credited to their original post. Deadline 31 December 2020.

Winner will be chosen by the SeaBee team!

Detection of MACROplastic on beaches using drones and object- based image analysis

Detection of MACROplastic on beaches using drones and object- based image analysis

New Report

This pilot study demonstrates UAV-based image collection being a promising technology for plastic detection in beach zones and we recommend object-based image analysis and UAV-based data collection being further developed for marine litter detection.
Objects of plastic at sizes down to 3.5 x 3.5 cm were segmented and classified successfully corresponding to approximately 4 times the pixel width of the classified images. Overall conclusions should be approached with some caution, due to the relatively few ground truth data points (13-37 geolocated plastic pieces) and their different characteristics regarding color and size.

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First Large SeaBee Drone Arrives at NIVA

The first of the «large» SeaBee drones has arrived at NIVA! This marks an important milestone, placing SeaBee one step closer to field work and developing its infrastructure capabilities. The drone is a DJI M210, with a micasense Altum (5band MS) and 42mp RGB. We’re excited for all the possibilities and applications this drone will bring!