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Droning on about UAVs & Innovative applications

January 18th, 2021 15:00 – 16:00

Many thanks to Carluvy Baptista-Salazar Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University who kindly mentioned SeaBee during the seminar.

View the full seminar below:

Unmanned aerial vehicles ( a k a drones, allow researchers to investigate new and challenging problems that are otherwise difficult or impossible to address by conventional means The use of integrated systems (e g UAVs LiDAR) and advanced technology ensures highly accurate data collection, provides quality deliverables, and exceptional performance in diverse environments and conditions Applications of UAVs include Forestry and Natural Resources Management, Environmental monitoring and sampling, Arctic research, Meteorological research, Mapping and more The sky is the limit, and even the bottom of the sea when talking about underwater drones! Join us for an introduction to UAVs and hear about some of the new and exciting applications of this rapidly growing technology.