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WP6: Communication Outreach & Branding

Communication and Outreach

We work on outreach, communication and branding of the SeaBee infrastructure as well as the dissemination of SeaBee results and innovations.

This involves efficient end-user communication, raising awareness and cultivation of working relationships with stakeholders. These include educational and research institutions, governments, consulting companies, industries, NGOs and the general public.


GRID-Arendal is a non-profit environmental communications centre based in Norway. We transform environmental data into innovative, science-based information products and provide capacity-building services, with the aim of strengthening management capacity and motivating decision-makers to make positive change. We collaborate with the UN Environment Programme and our other partners around the world.


Lorna Little, GRID-Arendal. Lorna has been working at GRID-Arendal since 2021. She’s the Work Package 6 lead and is responsible for the communication and outreach products of the SeaBee project. Lorna is a highly skilled communicator, using creative and interactive ways to share scientific information with audiences around the world.