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Maritime Robotics Otter USV

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The Otter is controlled via a graphical user interface: Maritime Robotics’ vehicle control station (VCS) or a mobile phone app. The app provides manual joystick-like control, while VCS has several control modes, such as course and speed control, heading control, or waypoint control. For waypoint control, the operator can easily plan missions consisting of individual waypoints, or use templates for creating common patterns such as lawnmower surveys. Furthermore, live monitoring of sensor data quality parameters and visualization of actual data are provided in VCS, and sensor parameters can be adjusted in VCS as well. The Otter can carry a variety of customer defined sensors for seabed and environmental mapping. Quality control and monitoring of the sensor performance and coverage area are performed via the Vehicle Control Station (VCS).

Photo: © Maritime Robotics AS – video: © DJI –

Vertical technologies ‘Deltaquad MAP’

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP VTOL mapping drone comes with a full integrated mapping mount for several types of high grade camera systems. The system is outfitted with a trigger mechanism and an easy to use removable mount compatible with the selected camera. Asahi Dragontail glass is installed to protect the camera from dust or damage during takeoff and landing.

Valeport miniCT

The miniCT is Valeport’s real time Conductivity and Temperature sensor. It features high accuracy robust sensor. Suitable for inclusion in a variety of sensor suites, fixed site monitoring and USV's

C3 Submersible Fluorometer

The C3™ Submersible Fluorometer can be configured with one, two or three optical sensors ranging from deep ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum. Internal memory storage capacity combined with an external submersible lithium ion battery allows the C3 to run during extended or short-term deployments.

Biosonics MX200

Our complete Aquatic Habitat Echosounder System lets you simultaneously acquire submerged aquatic vegetation, substrate, and bathymetry data using Visual Acquisition software and instantly create layered, colored and contoured maps using Visual Habitat software.