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SeaBee Technology

Here you can see an overview of the technology we are using in the Seabee project.

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Biosonics MX200

Our complete Aquatic Habitat Echosounder System lets you simultaneously acquire submerged aquatic vegetation, substrate, and bathymetry data using Visual Acquisition software and instantly create layered, colored and contoured maps using Visual Habitat software.
C3 Submersible Fluorometer

C3 Submersible Fluorometer

The C3™ Submersible Fluorometer can be configured with one, two or three optical sensors ranging from deep ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum. Internal memory storage capacity combined with an external submersible lithium ion battery allows the C3 to run during extended or short-term deployments.

DJI M210 Drone

The DJI Matrice 200 series is a fantastic tool for the industry, making advanced work tasks playfully easy.

DJI M600 Pro

M600 Pro ideal for professional aerial photography and industrial applications.


Our new DJI M300 is an updated version of our current workhorse, the DJI M210V2. This unit will be flying late 2021

DJI Mavic 2 Drone

DJI Mavic 2, a packed camera drone with all the features you could want in a practical and small format.


The compact yet powerful Mavic Mini is the perfect creative companion, capturing your moments in a way that effortlessly elevates the ordinary. Together with the easy-to-use DJI Fly app, you’ll enjoy a simplified flying experience and a perspective unlike any other.


Leica GS18 T. Is a GnSS positioning antennae that will achieve cm precision coordinates.
Robotics otter

Maritime Robotics Otter USV

The Otter is controlled via a graphical user interface: Maritime Robotics' vehicle control station (VCS) or a mobile phone app. The app provides manual joystick-like control, while VCS has several control modes, such as course and speed control, heading control, or waypoint control.

MicaSense Altum 5band Multispectral camera

The MicaSense Altum 5band Multispectral camera is a compact multispectral camera with good resolution and thermal ability. SeaBee has had a lot of interest in thermal detection capabilities for groundwater studies, so it’s the ideal compact choice for use on a drone.