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Our Work Packages

SeaBee will be structured into seven work packages that will secure an efficient establishment, running and operation of the infrastructure during both the first five years (Establishment Phase) and the following five years (Operational Phase) and beyond.

User requirements will be specified, drone and sensor infrastructure will be designed, hardware and software will be purchased, and physical space will be allocated and organized.
Facilitating up-to-date training of drone pilots, secure registration, and legislation, producing safe operation protocols and emergency manual procedures.

Performing image analysis and implementing a data workflow structure by building pipelines, as well as implement and evaluate data analysis. As such, this Work Package is the core of the SeaBee product generation engine.

Data management platform that includes design, establishment and implementation of cloud-based data storage solutions and cutting-edge web-based data sharing applications running on GIS-based visualizations tools.

Drone data product validation package that, by collecting data on the ground using traditional benchmark methods, will enable validated drone products and further improve automated product generation.

Outreach, communication and branding of the SeaBee infrastructure as well as dissemination of SeaBee results and innovations.

SeaBee infrastructure coordination and risk management.​