Remote Sensing for Climate and Water Quality

Jamie Shutler is an Associate Professor at the University of Exeter, UK. He is an oceanographer and engineer with a wide range of interests that exploit in situ observations, remote sensing, satellite Earth observation and models to study and monitor land-water-atmosphere interactions and environment, particularly in relation to climate and water quality. This includes studying atmosphere-ocean gas exchange of climatically important gases, evaluating the quality of model and Earth observation data, developing novel approaches for water quality monitoring of bathing waters and aquaculture sites and land-water interactions in fresh water reservoirs. He has also published research on developing and exploiting computer vision techniques for biometrics (human gait), medical imaging (breast cancer) and surface ocean currents. His research has been featured in the Guardian Environment, BBC news, Al Jazeera TV, contributed to UK parliamentary enquiries (Ocean Acidification, 2017; Sustainable Seas, 2018) and guided international and inter-governmental agencies. His research team (JamieLab) currently comprises 1 post-doctoral researcher, 1 post-graduate research assistant and 7 PhD students. All of his research software is open-source and free to use.

Work Package:

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