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WP5: Drone Data Product Validation

Work Package Description

  • Work Package 5 is the drone data product validation package that by collecting data on the ground using traditional benchmark methods will enable validated drone products and further improve automated product generation. This Work Package is essential during the infrastructure Establishment Phase to ensure high quality imaging products, but will become less central towards the beginning of the Operational Phase for the included applications.
  • Design and Methods: Work Package 5 will provide product validation through data ground-truthing and develop protocols for moving from labour intensive (traditional) survey methodology to drone-based automatic procedures for identifying coastal habitats (Duffy et al. 2018), seabird and marine mammal communities (Hodgson et al. 2016, 2018, McEvoy et al. 2016), water quality (Harvey et al. 2018), and anthropogenic impacts (Ehrich et al. 2018, Martin et al. 2018). Work Package 5 will collaborate closely with the other Work Packages, thereby ensuring high quality data products. SeaBee will carry out several independent field campaigns to collect sufficient and targeted ground-truth data. In addition, it will take advantage of existing and future national data collection programs with external funding to support the field campaigns, i.e. like ØKOKYST (monitoring coastal ecosystems), SEAPOP (mapping and monitoring seabirds), NorSOOP (surface water applications), MERCES (marine restoration). Through its broad foundation across Norwegian environmental institutions chances are high that other relevant programs will also be available in the future.

Lead: NIVA

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is Norway’s leading institute for fundamental and applied research on marine and freshwaters. Our research comprises a wide array of environmental, climatic and resource-related fields. NIVA’s world-class expertise is multidisciplinary with a broad scientific scope. We combine research, monitoring, evaluation, problem-solving and advisory services at international, national and local levels.


Trine Bekkby, NIVA. Trine is a research scientist working with marine coastal ecosystems, particularly focusing on variation and change in species and habitats, blue forests in particular, effects of kelp cultivation and on restoration of marine habitats in Norway and Internationally. She uses spatial analyses, GIS, distribution modelling and image analyses as tools. In SeaBee, Trine is WP5 lead, ensuring efficient field campaigns, design and field coordination between partners in the work with field validation of drone images.