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Until now, NINA has been mapping and annotating bird nests, mostly of black-headed gulls, in the Oslofjord. A joint survey with IMR was initially planned in 2020 to conduct fieldwork relating to seabirds and mammals, but this was not possible due to COVID-19.


This application focuses mostly on gulls and eiders, identifying both individuals and their nests. Unlike some other surveys, these can be time-sensitive. To identify nests, surveys need to be conducted in nesting areas during the month of May. However, bird identification can usually be done anywhere and at any time.


In 2021, there are plans to conduct fieldwork in the inner Oslofjord during the spring, around May and June, specifically for surveying black-headed gulls. SeaBee also has tentative plans for counting birds on the water in Vestfold later in the autumn of 2021, likely around September. The goal is to test out Infra-Red (IR) imaging to identify birds, particularly those resting on water.